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Our responsibility during concerts is to make sure that everything goes off without a hitch. We have a responsibility to make sure that live performances proceed according to schedule. As a manager, we are responsible for a wide range of tasks, such as looking after and managing the work of the various teams involved in the concert’s production, including venue supervision, location management, stage planning and scheduling, concert rehearsals, recording, and performances.


A variety of talents are required for wedding event management, including creative designing, critical thinking, enormous confidence, dedication, hard work, and outstanding communication. Understanding various customs and cultures is crucial for the success of a wedding as a whole.
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Whatever the corporate event, we are aware that every last detail represents your brand. And each and every aspect must be flawless.
Then, collaborating with you, we take a far wider view. How might your business be improved? Energized? How can your company enhance an existing outstanding tale with a novel, captivating chapter?
The answers to those questions are what elevate your event above the merely professional, fostering a sense of intimacy among all of your guests. After all, a corporate event is essentially a celebration of the individuals who make up the business and collaborate with it.


We all participate in social activities, no matter how big or small. So that you can just relax and enjoy the party with your guests, Solasta takes care of all of your event planning needs. Theme-based graduation and departure parties, birthday celebrations, wedding festivities, baby showers, exhibition events, milestone anniversaries, and other social gatherings are all things we organise.


A full-fledged fashion show is never simple to manage. There are several factors to take into account when using colour trends, proper lighting design, and effects to better highlight the distinctive features of the artwork on each model. Things include lighting colours that can significantly alter the appearance and texture of a certain fabric, lightings that draw attention to the texture of the material chosen, and background music that blends in. All of them are said to have the power to make or ruin the event.


Some of the significant days on our calendar are marked by religious occasions. However, the management of religious events in and around India has not yet taken off.
Religious gatherings have not yet adopted a corporate event management strategy. If we can compare the two, we may say that religion has a significant impact on our daily lives. For the sake of our beliefs, we hold events of various kinds. However, if we manage religious events according to a defined method, as we do for a corporate event management programme, we cannot predict if risks, crises, out-of-control scenarios, or other problematic situations will occur.


As an artist management firm, we make sure to give our clients the ideal entertainment while also giving the artist comfort. Artist management involves more than just scheduling the performance date; it also involves comprehending the requirements of the client’s event, recommending the ideal singer, organising all technical and travel requirements, and providing comfort to the artist during travel and prior to the performance so that the artist is stress-free and prepared to deliver an outstanding performance on stage.


We provide comprehensive show management solutions while keeping in mind every part of organising an exhibition, such as venue selection, building a visually appealing and engaging display booth, photography, entertainment, and integrated branding. Our team of designers can tailor your project to meet your specific requirements using a creative and adaptable approach.


As consultants, Solasta respects the high standards of our clients and moves forward with that in mind. We can tell you that our service starts a successful professional relationship and has an instant impact on results. the capacity to give our clients the guidance, insight, and solutions they need to flourish in this cutthroat and ever evolving business.


Budgeting, scheduling, selecting a location for the event, securing licences and permissions, booking entertainment like bands and speakers, and meeting with caterers to select a menu are all steps in the planning process.

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